Piano Lessons in Portland, OR

Creating musicians for life

Brothers Aiden and Jeseph had taken piano lessons in Portland at another studio for just a few months…And they wanted to quit.

Their mom wasn’t quite ready to give up yet. They started lessons with Echo City in early 2020.

Within months, they were playing everything from AC/DC to Beethoven. They were even eager to share videos of their playing with their friends.

They participated in our virtual recital. I got a message from their mom that week:

“Aiden and Jeseph were blown away by the recital, and they have both been playing nonstop. They just asked if they could go up to two lessons a week this summer!”

What happened?

Why the change of heart? Why do they love playing now?

From day one, our students play the music they love, and get to share it with their peers.

“After their lessons, my kids start playing piano immediately.”-Corinne V
Check out these awesome videos made by Echo City kids!

The Most Convenient Piano Lessons in Portland

Weekly 1-on-1 lessons

Our students love the time they spend with their piano teacher each week. While we don’t skimp on the fundamentals, we make time to explore material driven by students’ unique interests.

In Home or Virtual Online Lessons

No more waiting in Portland traffic or nightmare make-up scheduling. We will come to your door for in-person piano lessons, or meet your child online if you prefer the convenience and peace-of-mind of virtual lessons. .

Student Support System

Our students don’t get stuck when they practice at home. We offer phone and email support, and we’re always happy to record a quick video and send it over! The bottom line: we care deeply about our students’ progress and will go that extra mile to problem solve and encourage outside of our weekly piano lesson time.

A Musical Family

Learning the piano should not be an isolated endeavor! Echo City kids share their music through our live performances and video newsletter. We celebrate each student, regardless of their age and experience. Any child willing to try their best and share is a rock star! Our students get inspired by their peers and motivated to get their pieces ready to show off.


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