Nate Terepka

I quit my piano lessons at age ten.

I loved music. I just hated the boring music my teacher gave me…so my piano collected dust.

All that changed when a friend asked me to join a garage band. The plan was to play at the middle school talent show!

I started practicing on my own non-stop…and then loved being able to play what I learned with my friends.

What changed? Why did I suddenly have the motivation to play?

  • I started playing music I liked to listen to, not what my teacher thought I was “supposed” to learn.
  • Suddenly playing the piano didn’t just mean sitting alone in a room practicing scales. It was something exciting that could connect me to my peers.

This is what caused me to fall in love with playing music…

And it’s the philosophy that drives our music program.

We let kids play music that excites them, and play it for each other. It’s the secret to our student’s success.

-Nate Terepka, Echo City Founder.


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